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Hours of Operation:
Mon to Fri: 11 AM - 6 PM
Sat to Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM

Current Specialty Beer: 22 oz. bottles of C-U Lator Barleywine Ale

Description: In the tradition of strong beers such as Salvator, Optimator, and Celebrator, Mac & Jack's Brewery is proud to release C-U Lator Barleywine. C-U Lator is full bodied, mahogany colored, bittersweet and full of hop flavor. It has complex malt character, complemented by hop aroma and bitterness that brings it all into balance. It is big, strong, complex, with hints of fruit that make it a beer to savor and enjoy. We hope you enjoy drinking C-U Lator as much as we did making it!

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Visit us here at the Mac and Jack's Retail Store to sample some of our fine, handcrafted Ales. Don’t forget to check out our diverse selection of apparel. On your way out, have a growler filled with your favorite draught beer to take home. And remember, we sell kegs for bigger events.

Cornelius Owners: Please mark Cornelius kegs with your name and phone number. Cornelius kegs will be filled and ready for pick-up the next business day. Please note we do not provide cornelius kegs.

If you are bringing in your own cornelius keg, growler, or any other small container please ensure that it is clean first!

If you are considering a keg to go, please take a look at the Keg Facts page for more information. Please remember that kegs and taps are property of Mac & Jack's, we don't have an infinite supply; so please bring them back as soon as possible!

Beer Prices
1/2 bbl Keg (15.5 gal) $155.00 plus deposit
1/4 bbl Keg (7.75 gal) $88.00 plus deposit
5 gal (Cornelius keg) $80.00
3 gal (Cornelius keg) $48.00
1 gallon $20.00
1/2 gallon (Growler) $10.00
Keg deposit $75.00
Tap deposit $75.00
General Merchandise
Growlers (empty) $6.00
Glass Pitcher $15.95
Pint Glasses $3.85 each
Banners $15.00
Coasters $5.00 per sleeve
Tap Handles $20.00
Growler Covers (Green/Black) $16.95
Mac & Jack's Apparel
T-Shirts $15.00
Long-Sleeved T-Shirts $17.00
Hoodies $35.00
1/4 Zip Sweatshirts $40.00
Hats $15.00
Vests $40.00
Bike Jerseys $75.00

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards excluding American Express. Prices do not include tax.
Checks must be submitted with a current form of identificaiton.