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Keg Facts

It is important to know that our full size (1/2 bbbl) kegs use an American Sanke, or “D” style tap.

Our small kegs, (Pony or ¼ bbl) use a Hoff Steven’s (or two probe) tap.

Pump taps or Keg couplers are available in the retail store.

Below are some examples of the kegs you can pick up yourself from the Retail Store:


½ bbls.

These have been converted to fit American style Sanke taps
Height: 21"
Width: 17"
Volume: 15.5 gallons
Serves approx. 124 pints (16 fl. oz. each)


¼ bbls.

These kegs use traditional Hoff-Stevens style taps
Height: 15.5"
Width: 15"
Volume: 7.75 gallons.
Serves approx. 62 pints (16 fl. oz. each)