Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Hours





Location & Hours


Q: Where are you guys? I'M LOST!
A: Mac & Jack's Brewery is located just outside of Downtown Redmond. Detailed driving instructions can be found here.

Q: What are the retail store hours?

A: Please click here for retail store hours and information.

Q: When are your tours, or do you offer private tours?
A: Our only tours are offered Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM and 3 PM. Sorry, we do not offer private tours.

Q: Do you have Brewery Locations other than in Redmond?

A: Redmond is currently our only location.



Q: Can I buy t-shirts, hats, etc, online?
A:We are pleased to now offer online purchasing! Please visit our webstore.

Q: Do you ship your beer to individuals?
A: No, we do not ship beer to individuals.

Q: Do you serve pints in the retail store?
A: We do not serve pints in our retail store, although you may purchase beer to go or sample any of our beers.

Q: Do I need to reserve kegs in advance?
A: Yes, please reserve 4 days in advance to ensure availability. Kegs are often avaliable on shorter notice (even same-day), so please call us at (425) 558-9697 for availability.

Q: Is there a deposit for Mac & Jack's kegs?
A: Mac & Jack's has a keg deposit when you purchase a keg to go. The keg is property of Mac & Jack's, so please return it as soon as possible so that we may reuse the keg. Please see our retail page for more information.

Q: When are kegs and taps due back?
A: There is no specific time for the tap and kegs returns, however, they are the property of Mac & Jack's. Please bring your kegs back as soon as you can so we can refund your deposit.

Q: Is there somewhere closer to me that I can pick up Kegs to Go?
A: Please contact the sales representative in your area for information on different locations to pick up kegs.

Q: What sized kegs do Mac & Jack's have?
A: Mac & Jack's sells half barrel (15.5 gal) and quarter barrel (7.75 gal) kegs with a refundable deposit upon return. For more specific info on our kegs, please visit our Keg Facts page. You may also purchase refillable half-gallon jugs. One, Three, and Five gallon containers are customer supplied and must be clean and ready to fill when brought in.

Q: What are the dimensions of a keg?

A: Pony kegs are 15.5” high by 15” wide, and our full size kegs are 21” high by 17” wide. Please remember you need about 5 inches of extra height for the tapping device. For more information on our kegs, please visit our Keg Facts page.

Q: Can I bring in a cornelius keg to be filled?
A: Yes, however you need to bring in a clean keg which is ready to fill on the day before you need it.

Q: Where can I get my CO2 tank refilled nearby?
A: We recommend Central Welding Supply.



Q: Do you have a brew pub?
A: We don't currently have a brew pub, although we offer sampling and purchasing of beer to go in our retail store.

Q: Do you bottle?
A: No, at this time Mac & Jack's is a draft only brewery.

Q: Do you plan to bottle?
A:We do not have any current plans to bottle but as we have always said, “never say never.”

Q: Do you make other beers beside African Amber?
A: Yes, we make Serengeti Wheat, Blackcat Porter, Two-Tun IPA, and a selection of seasonal beers.

Q: Where can I find your other beers?
A: Please click here to e-mail a representative in your area and they will respond with the best locations.

Q: Can I find Mac & Jack's outside of the Northwest?
A: We get calls from all over the United States and we thank you for your interest! At the current time Mac & Jack's is sold only in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.




Q: When was Mac & Jack’s started?
A: We sold our first keg in April of 1994 to Billy McHales in Redmond, WA.

Q: Who are Mac and Jack?
A: Mac Rankin and Jack Schropp founded Mac & Jack’s in 1993 and are still active in the day to day operations.

Q: Is Mac and Jack’s associated with any other company?
A: Mac & Jack’s Brewery has been owned solely by Mac and Jack since it was founded.  We continue to be a small local Northwest Company.

Q: How many people work for Mac & Jack’s?
A: We started with two employees Mac & Jack, and now have about twenty employees.

Q: Who created African Amber?
A: African Amber is a slight variation on one of Mac’s original homebrew recipes.

Q: How did African Amber get its name?
A: African Amber started as a house beer for the Park Pub which is located next to the Woodland Park Zoo. The beer was named by Bruce Springer, who owned the pub at the time; he played off the Zoo theme to create the name. The next house beer Mac created for the Park Pub was Serengeti Wheat, it was named in the same fashion.

Q: Why do all your logos have animals on them?
A: This is an outgrowth of the African and Zoo based names, besides we like animals!